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Immersion Courses in Spain


Tailor-made immersion Courses in Malaga and Barcelona

- Where and who is this designed for?

Our personalised immersion courses take place in Malaga or Barcelona and are designed for students who need to improve their spoken and/or written Spanish in a short period of time and take their Spanish to the next level while having fun and being away of a classroom environment.

Students participating in this course must be able to reach level A2 in our online level test. Before the course, participants are asked to complete our needs-analysis form. Following an interview, the course length, content and activities are designed and agreed with the student.

- What do we offer in our course plan?

Participants combine 6 hours of communicative skills practice per day with outdoors activities in the company of a teacher.

The activities are fun, sport and culture to business, restaurants, cafes, pubs, museums, cathedrals, sightseeing, hobbies, etc.

Our courses have at your disposal an online platform which enables you to continue practising your Spanish whenever and wherever you like as long as you are connected to the Internet.

- What makes our immersion courses unique?

Our team works hard to design your course from the moment you get in touch with us. When it comes to designing an immersion programme a lot of details play a huge role in it. Our immersion courses follow our corporate philosophy: One-to-one tuition, always a tailor-made experience according to your learning style, because we are all different after all.

The result is a unique adventure!

- What keep us away from other academies?

This is the key: being away of a classroom environment from the first minute through a range of activities matching your preferences. Our one-to-one activities trigger students to switch their minds into Spanish from the very first minute letting them experience the real Spanish life, like locals do.

- Where do our immersion activities take place?

Do you remember our slogan "Bringing tuition to the place that suits you best"? This applies to Spain too. We can start the day in a coffee shop or at your teacher’s, as simple as that.

We do not believe students can achieve a good command of Spanish coming to Spain and doing those "immersion courses" where you spend 3, 4, 5 or 6 hours a day in a classroom full of students with perhaps only 1 or 2 hours of outdoors activities. You can do this in your home town too!

Instead, our students take action. You will order your food, drinks and tapas at a pub or restaurant, rent public transport, spend time with your tutor's friends, ask for information in the city, book a table in a restaurant, address to a sales assistant in a shop, attend to a wine tasting event or a yoga/crossfit session and so on. And remember we tailor these activities to your needs and preferences!

- What about the length of the immersion course?

You can choose between the full-week course (five days), the weekend formula (two days) or even a 1-day course. The full-week program, for instance, meets 30 hours, from 8am to 2pm (always in the company of your own teacher), Monday through Friday.

- What if we are a group of friends or colleagues?

The immersion program is offered for both individuals and small groups. You can also come along with your family and friends and you take your course in the morning while they are, for instance, sightseeing and join them in the afternoon when you finish your activities.

- Have any questions?

Please get in touch to ask for more information or request a quote for your immersion adventure.












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