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Here, some of our students describe their experience and provide testimonial to One-to-One Spanish's outstanding reputation. To leave your own review, please visit our Google+ page or email us.



Video Testimonials

“Marino's one-to-one Spanish lessons are professional, fun and enjoyable and most of the times I never noticed I was learning. It was really convenient, being able to both go and see him and also be able to do the lessons over Skype at my convenience. Marino has great teaching technique; when even I got confused or struggled there've always been a great explanation and the lessons always run at the pace that was the best for me.”



Sophie Rodgers (Spanish Level – Upper-Intermediate B2)

University Student, Sydney, Australia            



"Marino is an excellent Spanish tutor. I would highly recommend him he helped my Spanish a great deal and he is very friendly and the lessons are tailored around what you need which I found very useful!"





Sabrina Wilson (Spanish Level – Pre-Intermediate B1)

Administrator, Hull, UK            



"After learning English, l decide to go for a third language especially after coming back from Cuba l realise how poor my Spanish was.... So l started to search and after few links one-to-one Spanish lessons pop up on my screen. I contact Marino and l had a very fast response, he was very clear and helpful, l trusted him completely after the first time we spoke. So l began taking private classes with Marino and it has now been 7 months that I've been studying Spanish. I really feel l've improved a lot with marino's help. Every Monday we meet at the coffee shop and we spend about two hours together. Marino creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes it easy to learn, his way of teaching is very professional...

Stefania Paci (Spanish Level – Elementary A2)

Hairdresser, Modena, Italy            







Written Testimonials


"I have been having lessons with Marino for about eighteen months. Having started learning Spanish in south America six years ago, I was keen to continue and to improve. But I needed to find a teacher who operated sufficiently flexibly to accommodate my erratic working hours. I was recommended to him by a friend on Facebook, and it's worked out very well. The lessons are always interesting, stimulating and fun....they can be organised at a time and venue that suits us both....and I would highly recommend him to future potential students."


Julian Worricker (Spanish Level – Upper-intermediate B2)

Radio & BBC TV presenter, London, UK     

“If it wasn't for Marino and One-to-One Spanish, I would have given up learning long ago! I have an individual lesson by Skype every week with Marino and I have found this the perfect way to learn. It's amazing to me that we have never met in person. I have little free time and found Spanish courses up here in the North, very limited or inflexible or too far away. You can learn exactly what you want in the way that you want, its entirely flexible, plus to learn on a one-to-one basis means you learn what is relevant to you and not to the person next to you in a random group. I could not recommend them highly enough. I love my lessons!!!”


Sarah Nurowski (Spanish Level – Intermediate B1+)

Optician, Durham, UK


"I can't recommend Marino highly enough. I started my lessons with him a few months ago after having unsuccessfully tried various Spanish language schools and never quite finding the right course for my level and requirements. The advantage of having one-to-one lessons is that Marino tailors them around me so that they address my weaknesses and demands in a way that I get a maximum benefit from each session. Marino is great at communicating and explaining things and keeping the lessons interesting by mixing things up and coming up with topics that are varied and relevant to my interests. He also always encourages feedback and suggestions. I especially appreciate the flexibility..."

Monika Crouse (Spanish Level – Advanced C1)

Senior Transport Planner, Poland            

"My mum and I want to learn Spanish to help my husband raise our baby bilingual. We are so pleased to have found Marino; he is thorough, patient and, best of all, makes the lessons fun. It is really convenient to be able to learn at home and Marino is careful to tailor classes to our pace and different learning styles, as a result we have made real progress in just a short time. We can't recommend him highly enough!"



Kate & Mindy (Spanish Level – Beginner A1)

Foundraiser, London, UK


"“I have been learning Spanish with Marino for about 9 months and have gone from knowing absolutely nothing at all, to now being able to converse with my Spanish friends and read through Spanish books and magazines. The lessons are so much fun that it is a surprise to realise that as the weeks go by, you have learnt so much! Marino works in such a way that manages to cover all Spanish but somehow fits the lesson around who you are and your hobbies, so it makes it relevant and interesting. Marino is also flexible and very easygoing. I couldn’t recommend him enough! Mucho Gracias, Marino!"

Jules Plunkett (Spanish Level – Beginner A1)

Project Manager, London, UK            

"I really enjoyed my private lessons with Marino, he is a great tutor! The most I liked about him, is that he always had a clear structure and vision, where are we going with our language improvements. He makes a big effort and always comes up with new materials, topics etc. I think his website and study materials are very useful and his FB group! Thank you Marino, I really enjoyed our lessons and hopefully I can continue next year again!"



Jelena Pats (Spanish Level – Beginner A1)

Concierge at Matrix Concierge, Tallinn, Estonia


"After learning Spanish to degree level and then not speaking it for about 5 years I was back to a lower intermediate level when I decided I wanted to get my Spanish back. I decided to give private tuition a go with Marino, not holding up much hope for me and my Spanish as I'm not the most studious of people. However, he is the best teacher I have ever had including my school, college and uni years! I actually look forward to my lessons (which is saying a lot coming from someone like me!) and they are really fun! He customizes them to your style of learning and I feel like I can just chat to him about anything. You feel he is a friend and..."

Amanda Bonar (Spanish Level – Pre-intermediate B1)

Support Coordinator at PRI, London, UK            

“If you want to learn Spanish in London, I would highly recommend One-to-One Spanish lessons. Marino is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience which is definitely needed at times. The lessons are well planned, very fun and informative. I improved Spanish a lot just feel like I wanna study more and more. Gracias Marino!”




Elena Kivistik (Spanish Level – Beginner A1)

Real State Consultant at Ready Flats, Tallinn, Estonia


"Marino is an excellent teacher! He came to our office once a week and taught a small group of colleagues. He's super easy going, friendly, and has a great teaching style. We learnt a lot and really enjoyed ourselves.Highly recommended!"






Carly Nyst (Spanish Level – Beginner A1)

Head of International Advocacy at Privacy International, Brisbane, Australia            

"I've been learning Spanish with Marino for about four months. From a standing start, thanks to his excellent tuition both in our fun lessons and perfectly pitched homework exercises, I've been able to improve from knowing absolutely nothing to being comfortable in reading, writing, listening and speaking Spanish, in a very short space of time. I would estimate that my Spanish has improved in a matter of months to a level that it took me some years to obtain in learning French. ¡Muchas Gracias, Marino!"


Ed Warrick (Spanish Level – Elementary A2)

Assistant Development Director, London, UK


"Marino is an amazing teacher! Every single bit that he has taught me throughout the last 2 years has stayed in my brain very well. Not only has he improved my knowledge of Spanish words but he has also made me pick up his Catalan accent! He is a great person to talk to about sports, general news and he gives me great ideas! He comes to me twice a week and I am always eager to have my lesson with him. Whether it's because I have something to tell him about or just to learn Spanish. Thank you Marino!"


Nikita Kolesnikov (Spanish Level – Upper-intermediate B2)

School Student, Moscow, Russia            

“Marino's lessons have completely changed my perception of learning Spanish. Having spent time in Madrid and reached a decent level, I found that when I returned home and tried a few teachers, I got bored very quickly. With Marino it has been totally different - he is engaging as a tutor and covers grammatical points carefully, but also always makes time to have fun, discuss current affairs or sport and therefore I am always kept interested. I cannot recommend him enough!”


Christopher Twiss (Spanish Level – Advanced C1)

Strategy Consultant at Accenture, London, UK


"Marino is an amazing teacher. His lessons are always fun, enjoyable and informative. He is extremely flexible and takes into account my preferred ways of learning. Marino also offers Skype lessons, which allow me, as a foreigner, to continue my studying when I am abroad. Never had studied Spanish before I have made a huge progress with him in a short period of time. I highly recommend him."




Kateryna Derkachenco (Spanish Level – Intermediate B1+)

University Student, Kiev, Ukraine            

"His personalised lessons were indeed very helpful. I took a Spanish course at my university without any previous experience in learning Spanish. I was struggling a lot to get a good result, but in a short period of time, I was able to prepare well enough to get a first on my final exam. Anyone in urgent help should contact Marino for help. I definitely recommend Marino as a tutor. Gracias :D."



Woo Jeong Emily Kim (Spanish Level – Intermediate B1+)

University Student, South Korea           


“I had learnt bits and pieces of Spanish over time, just from listening to friends, the TV and the occasional book. However, because of the way in which i had learnt the language, my knowledge of Spanish lacked a proper understanding of its grammatical structure. Marino helped me with this. By tailoring the classes to my specific needs, I was able to fill the gaps in my knowledge. I now feel much more confident with my Spanish and I'm sure that Marino's teaching has provided me with a solid foundation on which to base my future learning. I should also add that all my classes with Marino were via Skype: this allowed for great flexibility as I could easily fit the classes around my schedule.”

Stefano Constantini (Spanish Level – Advanced C1)

Consultant at Frontier Economics, Modena, Italy            


"I have been learning Spanish with Marino for over a year now and I am still stunned at the progress I have made. I wanted to be able to hold a basic level conversation with some of my parents friends in Spain and thanks to Marino I feel like I have accomplished so much more than this. Marino makes the sessions fun and friendly whilst you still learn so much. We have had such a laugh so far and I really couldn't recommend him highly enough."



Jojo Head (Spanish Level – Pre-Intermediate B1)

Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist, London, UK            


"I studied with Marino for almost a year and the level of my Spanish has improved enormously throughout that time. I gained more confidence and enjoyed Marino's classes a lot. He gives simple practical advice and this makes a big difference to learning. Due to personal circumstances I had to suspend the lessons but I am hoping to continue in the future. Marino is not only a good teacher but a good person to get to know and flexible when it comes to scheduling classes.

¡Muchas gracias por todo!"


Izabela Sutton (Spanish Level – Intermediate B1+)

Public Sector Worker, Warsaw, Poland            

"Marino teaches Spanish effectively in a relaxed setting. He is able to hone in on your weaknesses and helps you to overcome them. He listens to what areas you would like to work on, whether incorporating more reading comprehension or more grammar exercises into his lessons. I highly recommend Marino and believe that he can help you reach your Spanish language goals."



Taylor Naygle (Spanish Level – Elementary A2)

University Student, Florida, United States           



“I first got in contact with Marino because I needed a tutor to assess my Spanish level, however I decided to sign up for some classes as well. He's flexible and professional, but above all fun, and willing to go the extra mile. He's helped iron out some fundamental tense problems I was having, and my confidence has also improved. I have already recommended him to a friend, and hope to sign up for more lessons myself in the future.”



Selina Larsen (Spanish Level – Intermediate B1+)

Conflict Resolution Facilitator at Conflict and Change, London, UK            

Selina Larsen

“I started taking classes with Marino recently as I am trying to keep up my level of Spanish after taking classes at a language school a few years ago. Marino has been excellent at raising my confidence, identifying the areas that I need to work on, and making the lessons structured without being too formal. He is obviously passionate about what he does and that makes his classes (and Facebook tips) interesting and motivational. I would highly recommend him to anyone no matter what their level.”


Kamini Sanghani (Spanish Level – Elementary A2)

Navigator Manager at London Borough of Brent, London, UK

Kamini Sanghani

“With the help of Marino's classes I saw my level of Spanish start to improve rapidly. Not only has he helped me overcome some fundamental grammar problems that I was having, his classes have thoroughly improved my Spanish conversational skills. Above all the classes were fun and interactive. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to make the next step towards better Spanish.”



Conor Malone (Spanish Level – Upper-Intermediate B2)

Net Developer at Adazzle, Dublin, Ireland            

Conor Malone

“¡Hola! Me llamo Vishal y tengo 15 años. Vivo en Londres y yo hablo inglés y español. My Spanish used to be very bad I got a D in my mock tests and just 8 lessons with Marino I got up to a B+ and I found the test extremely easy compared to before. Me, my parents and my teachers were all happy with me. It was easy to understand and actually stayed in my head for once. I couldn't have done it without him.”



Vishal Gajipra (Spanish Level – Beginner A1)

GCSE Student, India           













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