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El Pronombre Neutro "ello"

Today's question comes from London. The question comes from David Castle who asks, "I have been learning Spanish for over a year, why have I never heard of "ello" before? What does it mean? How does it work?".

"Ello" is usually translated as 'it' and is mainly found in literature. These days, it is very common to use "eso" instead...


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"El agua" or "la agua"

Which is it right to say: "el agua" or "la agua"?

This is a common mistake made among not only students of Spanish but also native Spanish speakers.


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¿Qué? vs. ¿Cuál?

The difference between que and cualThese two words can be confusing to students of Spanish whose native language is English because they are often translated as the same words into English...

*This is an updated version


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Origen de las Tapas Españolas

'Tapas' are small bites of food served with wine or a glass of beer. They may be cold or hot and are designed to encourage conversation and socialise.

What is the origin of Spanish tapas?

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Parar el Carro - Spanish Idioms

(Hold your horses!)

Para el CarroSignificado

Una expresión que se utiliza para decirle a alguien que deje de hacer algo or decir algo porque está yendo demasiado deprisa...





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Expresiones de Frecuencia

Expressions of Frequency

Expressions of frequency are adverbs of time that answer the question "How often?". We often use them so say 'how frequently' we do something.




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The Definite Articles in Spanish

Spanish Definite ArticlesThe definite article is used more frequently in Spanish than it is in English.

The definite article is used to refer to something specific: "El profesor de español", 'The Spanish teacher' and must always agree in number and gender with its noun.

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Sangría española

Sangria is a fun and easy to make Spanish drink. Typically, sangrias are made with red wine but these days it can also be made with "cava" which is the Catalan sparkling wine for excellence, similar to champagne.

In this post, I am going to tell you all about Spanish's best kept sangria secrets.

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Vocabulario - La bebida

Repasa el siguiente vocabulario básico "La bebida" y escucha el audio debajo para mejorar tu comprensión auditiva. Repite después de cada palabra para practicar la pronunciación.

(Click on the picture for high resolution)


La bebida





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