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¡Estamos de vacaciones!

Cerrado por vacacionesApologies for absence I have had some very busy weeks. I really appreciate all your support and encouragement. Thanks to everyone who leaves their comments. Thanks for liking and sharing my post on the social networking sites.

I’m now on holiday in beautiful Spain until the 13th of August.

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Un Chaquetero - Spanish Slang

(A turncoat)


Una persona que cambia de opinión constantemente demostrando que no es leal a las personas que comparten la opinión original.

(A person who changes from one opinion to an opposite one in a way which shows they are not loyal to people who share the original opinion.)

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Los Pronombres Relativos:


Los Pronombres RelativosThe Relative Pronouns are commonly used to link two sentences that give information about people or things avoiding their repetition and they usually refer back to a person or a thing mentioned in the main sentence. Today we are going to look at "que", "el que" and "lo que".

The relative pronoun "que" refers back to people or objects that have previously been stated...

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Bonfires of San Juan

Bonfires Of San JuanSpain celebrates the coming of summer with the bonfires of San Juan. People create large bonfires from old furniture and at midnight they would light them and dance around them, set off fireworks and go swimming in the sea.

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Useful Phrases in Spanish

Useful Phrases in SpanishFor those who are planning their summer holiday in sunny Spain or Latin America, learn here the most essential phrases to help you get the most from your trip. And don’t miss out the audios below each topic!

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Pinchos de atún con anchoas

(Tuna salad and anchovies)

Pinchos de Atún con Anchoas

Today's recipe is a Basque tapas recipe which consists of a slice of crispy long bread loaded with a tuna salad with onion, mayonnaise and lemon juice, garnished with an anchovy. Before you start, put all ingredients and plates that you are going to use ...

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Linking words

Spanish Linking WordsLinking words or connecting words help you to build a logical argument in your texts by linking one statement to another.

A text without linking words reads like a series of unrelated statements with no flow.

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Ser más fuerte que un roble

(To be as strong as an ox)

Ser Más Fuerte Que Un RobleSignificado

Una persona que es tan fuerte como un roble es muy fuerte. Se basa en la idea de que un roble es un árbol robusto y fuerte.

(A person who is as strong as an oak is very strong. It is based on the idea that an oak is a very strong tree.)

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¿Qué? vs. ¿Cuál?

The difference between que and cualThese two words can be confusing to students of Spanish whose native language is English because they are often translated as the same words into English.

When the two words do not carry a written accent are used as linking words (relative pronouns) translated 'that' or 'which'. With an accent they are used as interrogative words in questions to mean 'what' and 'which'. Here, we are going to look at the differences between the two words as pronouns in questions "¿Qué?" and "¿Cuál?

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Last Students Testimonials:

More happy students!

Here is Sophie from Australia commenting about my lessons. Also, click on the link below to see Izabela's comments (from Poland).

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