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Huevos rellenos

(Stuffed boiled eggs)

Huevos RellenosA young red La Mancha wine, made from the Tempranillo grapes that are known locally as Cencibel, makes an ideal complement because of its clean fruitiness!

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Por vs. Para

Por and ParaIf you ask one of my English-speaking students what they consider the most difficult thing to learn in Spanish, they will normally say the subjunctive, "ser/estar" and "por/para".

Due to the fact that these two Spanish prepositions have a variety of meanings and can each be translated as "for", they are sources of much confusion for English speakers learning Spanish.

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Garrulo/Killo (A chav)



Una persona inculta o con poca educación que normalmente viste de una forma particular y su comportamiento resulta ofensivo para muchas personas.

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Spanish Verb Tenses

Spanish Verbs TensesThe modern Spanish verb system has 16 different verb tenses, three non-personal forms (Infinitive, Gerund and Past participle) and three moods (Indicative, Subjunctive and Imperative8. The 16 verb tenses are subdivided into eight simple tenses and eight compound tenses...

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Estar aburrido como una ostra

(To be bored to death/tears)

Estar Aburrido Como Una Ostra


Estar muy aburrido.

(To be very bored.)

When you are out of the classroom and away from the textbooks, you will encounter a world of language that breaks the rules you have learnt at school. In the newspapers, online, and in conversation, language becomes far less structured. Taking the time to understand idioms and informal speech will save you a whole lot of confusion.

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Ser vs. Estar

Ser and EstarFor the majority of my students one of the most difficult things to learn in Spanish is the difference between “ser” and “estar”. Both can be translated into English as "to be" but, depending on what you are saying, you will have to decide which to use...

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